Welcome to Elite Enduro


Elite Enduro is a new club, the track was founded in the 80\’s as a motorcross/scramble track but now we are moving on to run enduro events. we are hoping to run mainly hare and hound events but may also run a couple of time card events through out the year depending on what the riders want.

We have made a 5/6 mile track which consists of woodlands as well as the motocross track and a couple of open fields. The track consists of easy/hard and some extreme routes as well as a few obstacles ie tyres, logs, pallets etc so a little bit of something for everyone.

We are aiming to run 11/12 events a year.

The club is made purely for the riders so if there is any feed back you would like to give us regarding events or track please let us kow either after an event or by phone or e-mail.